Qu’est-ce qui est propose?

Traditional yoga, Reiki, Shamanism and TRI Yoga all in one place.

Traditional Yoga.

The true purpose of Yoga is to find our true self. Behind the conditioning, the habits and the social rules inflicted upon us lies the the pureness of who we truly are. We can investigate this on the mat and with other yogic practices.

TRI Yoga

TRI Yoga is a system of yoga postures that induce tremors in the body. These tremors are natures way of releasing pent up anxiety, stress and trauma both physical and mental. Usually five or six sessions is enough for you to be able to practice regularly on your own. Monthly classes are a way for us to come together and share the experience.


Reiki is the manipulation of the life energy known in Japan as Ki (Qi or Chi in China or Prana in India.) The practitioner is able to sense and unblock the energy needed to heal any number of issues in the client. 1:1 sessions available.


Mankind has always sought a better understanding of the other realms of reality and how we can better understand our lives and roles. Shamanic practitioners can enter these other realities and bring back useful information and healing. Modern psychology is beginning to see the usefulness of accessing the parts of the brain usually closed off from such wisdom. Jung, hypnotherapy and dream work are examples of this. A monthly healing circle is a good place to start or book a 1:1 session.

Studied at Warrior of the heart foundation, Glastonbuy, UK. Qualified 2009/10

3rd grade (or Master) attained 2009 London, UK.


300 hours teacher training completed in Mysore, India 2018.

All practices also available online via Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom.

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