Le France

So, why France after five decades as “A Brit”?

Firstly may I say, Nationalities and borders are a figment of man’s imagination. The European union, although flawed, is and example of negating such jingostic and prehistoric thinking. A union is after all at the heart of much spiritual thinking. Separation breeds fear and prejudice. Brexit is a prime example of feeding fear to the masses and promising an illusionary future based on a rose tinted past that never really existed. History, they say, is written by the victors. In Ken Wilber’s first book – “No boundry” he speaks of the boundaries created for us from birth and that multiply as we age. We supimpose these ourselves by defining ouselves in peculiar ways.”I am a woman/man, I am British/French, I am a vegatarian, I am a Buddist etc, etc. As we create these labels, we shrink our possibilities to grow as human beings. Nationalism is a prime example of this hence my affinty to the European model. When Lennox Lewis (former heavyweight champion) was being quizzed about his heritage and who he represented (born in London, brought up in Canada who he represented in the Olympics before turning professional back in the UK), he simply replied “I am a citizen of Planet earth.” The ability to cross “borders” and settle anywhere in the E.U is a very important spiriual step believe it or not for what it represents. I, for one, will not lie down and be caged in a insular, backward looking island ruled by a few elites who have attained power through corrupt and misleading agendas.

At my age such a move is fraught with risks and unknowns but hey, principles are what Scorpios are all about. Even the language is a boundary but that one needs to be crossed and erased too. Due to my practice mostly involving body work, maybe the lack of words will actually be an advantage. I always talk too much in class anyway! So, wish me luck as I attempt the transition to Normandie and come back again to read more ramblings of ask questions.

About Me

Life can be tough, confusing and beautiful all at once. Who can see the lessons laid out on the path? I was a victim and a sufferer long ago but now each day is a bastion of wisdom and learning. One finds the awe in a blade of grass just as one finds the marvel in the tallest mountain. Come and explore who you truly are and together we can walk the path to freedom.

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